I started this site in April of 2009 after searching many sites for organic coupons. There were a lot of great savings and coupon blogs out there, but none that specifically focused on organic products only. 

I had been eating organic since 2007, but paying full price, and never using coupons. I was asked if there were organic coupons, that might reduce the amount I was spending on groceries, and I actually replied "I don't think so". 

I began searching the internet, and found that there were quite a few actually. 

Now, years later, there are so many ways to save on all things organic, I can hardly keep up. 


Hey there, my name is Susan. I'm the deal finder here at Organic Deals.

You can often find me sipping my favorite organic coffee, researching online, or outside in the fresh air. I live in Southern California with my awesome husband and son, where there are quite a few organic grocery store options.

You're not going to catch me surfing (I'd fall off), but I do wear flip flops in the winter like most Southern Californians.

I began my organic journey shortly after my son was born in 2006. He had a bad case of eczema, and I was told he was going to have to use steroid cream his whole life. That didn't sit well with me, and the stubborn person inside wanted to prove that wrong. 

I began to research ways to get rid of eczema without conventional methods. I changed our soaps, our laundry dryer sheets, shampoos and started eating organic food. We rarely have flare ups anymore, and when we do, a little organic coconut oil seems to do the trick.


This little blog has been mentioned by some pretty awesome media companies I've highlighted below:


If you need to contact me, you can e-mail me. Please note that I get a high volume of e-mails, and there is just one of me, so it may take me time to get back to you. 


Organic Deals
Organic Deals