Discover Card Holders 5% Cash Back On Grocery Store Purchases!

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Now, I am not advocating getting credit cards. Credit cards can be dangerous. I have a couple credit cards and I use them only to make money. I pay off the entire balance each month and I have figured out how to "float" my balance so that I can keep earning interest in my savings account as long as possible. Here's how this works.

I write the statement closing date on my cards with a sharpie. If the statement closing date is the 5th and today is the 2nd, I will not use that credit card, since in 3 days, my bill will be closed for the month and mailed to me. Instead, I will use another card with a farther expiration date, or I will wait to make the purchase until after the 5th and then use my card that closed on the 5th.

This will buy me another month in which I have to pay and I will continue earning interest on my money that sits in savings until I pay the bill in full.

I also only use credit cards that pay me (Discover & AMEX give cash back) and I never pay to have a credit card.

This is not a good strategy for everyone, but if you use credit cards, this might be a good way to stretch your dollars even farther.