20% Off Rocky Mountain Organic Meats!

Rocky Mountain Organic Meats is offering a great 20% discount online! Use coupon code: MOM at checkout! Shipping is a flat rate of $24.00.

All of their meat is certified organic, grass fed USA beef that has NO antibiotics or growth hormones. They are never given steroids or fed animal bi-products and the livestock are never penned.

In addition, certified organic cattle are raised on land that remains in its natural state without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.

They offer a ton of products to choose from and ship it right to your door. They also offer gift boxes if you are thinking about giving these as gifts.

In my opinion, grass fed beef is healthier since it doesn't contain as much fat as grain fed beef. Since there is less fat, you also have to reduce your cooking time. Do not over cook it or it will get tough.

A special thanks to Rocky Mountain Organic Meats for offering the coupon code to my readers!