My Commissary Trip & Some Rambling :)

Am I the only one who loves to see pictures of what people buy at the store? It's probably because I am a generally nosey person and that just feeds right into it. I will click on the picture to make it bigger every time, just so I can see what people bought. So, I figured, you should be able to see what I bought too!

I usually go to the base Commissary once a month to get things. They have really great every day prices, but it is about a 40 minute trip from my house, so I don't go there every week to shop. I went today and here is what I got for $86.00.

Those of you who are not all organic and are die hard couponers may have just gasped LOL. It is a lot more than what you'll see on other blogs, but everything (with the exception of 2 packs of tuna & cleaning supplies) is organic. The meat, cheese an tampons made up $33.00 of that purchase alone.

Some of you are wondering, "where are the fruits & vegetables"? Well, I buy those on Wednesday, because that is the day my stores do double ad days, where I can get both that weeks and the prior weeks sales. My Wednesday shopping trips are mainly fruits & veggies. There are some organic baby carrots in the photo though. Those were .89 cents!

I also just added up some store receipts to see how I am doing this year. I only made it back to May (I'm horribly disorganized right now) and I have used $639.00 in coupons since then! Not bad for an all organic Mama :) And people say that you can't coupon for organic food... I sure think you can! I can spot an organic coupon or coupon book 15 aisles away in a store. It just takes time and a different way of thinking.

I'll quit rambling here, just thought I'd share my trip with everyone :)