More Shopping Trip Pictures!

Some of you admitted to being as nosey as myself, so here's my shopping trip today :)

Exibit A: The above shopping trip cost me $36.38. I used $17.00 in coupons. My coupons saved me 32%. I had coupons for everything except the bananas, meat, tortillas and those acai packets which were on clearance. My 2 year old loves a burrito with scrambled eggs & salsa for breakfast, so I caved on the tortillas.

Exibit B: Hey, she eats fresh fruits and vegetables!

This trip cost me $35.30. I only had $5.25 in coupons. That's still a 13% savings... better than nothing.

I was disappointed this trip since my store was out of a lot of organic vegetables they had listed on sale. I'll be heading to another store tomorrow for that. I am also very lucky to live within 10 minutes of an organic farm, so I will be making a trip there soon also. BTW, yes, we LOVE yogurt around here :)