Black Friday Organic Deal | Natures Paradise 50% Off!

Here's a heads up for a great Black Friday deal! Nature's Paradise will have all of their products on sale for 50% off starting at midnight on the 27th, through midnight that night.

I have used several of their products. Some I like better than others. I didn't care for their shampoo, but it may be my over-processed hair that I am trying to grow out and start over because my 2 year old's hair looked great using it and my hair looked terrible!

My favorites are their coconut foaming hand wash and the coconut hand cream. They smell sooo good and the smell comes from coconut oil, not synthetic fragrance!

Another thing I am haven't tried, but will probably get is the organic hand sanitizer. The "popular" hand sanitizers contain triclosan which may be damaging to your liver and/or thyroid. So I avoid anti-bacterial soaps and opt for natural sanitizers or just plain hand washing!

All of their ingredients are disclosed on their site and all of their products are certified organic and make great gifts! If you've tried these products, what's your favorite?