This Week's Organic Shopping Trips 11.22.09

I had to do a crazy amount of shopping this week. I couldn't take pictures of it all because I went to so many stores and bought so many things. I threw a Birthday Party for my now 3 year old on Saturday and had to get a lot of food!!!

Here is what I did take pictures of:

This was a combined Sprout's & Henry's run. Total cost $81.19. I haven't had time to calculate the savings (I have to do it manually since my stores do not do it for me on my receipt like the bigger stores do). The most expensive items were the vitamins and organic baby powder.

This was at Whole Foods. My Whole Foods just changed their policy on stacking. They will allow it, but only if the item doesn't go negative. If it will, they will only take 1 coupon. I asked them about just adjusting to free, but they said no. Aw well, still good deals to be had there!

This cost $62.00. Before coupons it was $115.00! The juices were not on sale, but I needed them for the kids to drink and I had .75 off coupons & $1.00 off coupons.

If you love chocolate, their Green & Blacks chocolate bars are on sale 2/$5.00. Stack the Whole Deal coupon with the Mambo Sprouts coupon (exp 11.30) and get them for .50 each! These are normally priced around $3.50 and would be great stocking stuffers!

Their Santa Cruz Organic apple sauce is on sale for $2.97 - that is a really good deal, since these are usually around $5.00.

Did you find any great organic deals this week? If so, please leave the link to your blog post below. If you don't have a blog, that's ok, please let us know what you found in the comments!