Boulevard Organics | Dark Hot Chocolate

I was just given a chance to try an Organic Hot Chocolate from Boulevard's Organic. I tried the yellow container which is the dairy version of the three. They also have a non-dairy (vegan) and a sugar-free version (sweetened with erythritol).

The Hot Chocolate was really good. It is dark chocolate, so it had a more mature chocolate taste then some of the other hot chocolate brands I've tried. It was nice and smooth, not bitter, but since there are no emulsifiers (like lecithin), you have to make sure your water is really hot so the mix will not clump.

I always use milk in my hot chocolate, but you can definitely use water, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk etc. Each will give it it's own unique taste. The dark chocolate would also go great with some home-made marshmallows! Yes, I make my own marshmallows (thanks Alton Brown).

If you are interested in trying these yourself, check to see if they sell them at a store near you. If they don't, you can order them on Amazon with free shipping! You know I love my amazon :)

A special thanks to Stephen at Boulevard Organics for letting me try this and tell you all about it!