Cascadian Farm Purely O's | Formula Changes = Sad Mommy!

I just found out that Cascadian Farm has changed their formula for their Purely O's Cereal. I am very disappointed to say the least! I was one happy Mom knowing that when my little one ate his organic Purely O's that he was having whole grain cereal, not whole sugar with a little grain!

The previous formula only had 1g of sugar per a 1 cup serving. The new formula contains 3 grams. That's a 300% increase in sugar!

What did they add to the ingredients?

Corn Meal, Sugar, Oat Fiber, Tapioca Syrup and Molasses.

Three different sources of sweetener. Even regular Cheerios still only have 1g of sugar (although it has added sugar). I bring up Cheerios, because Cascadian Farm is owned by General Mills, who makes Cheerios.

I guess I'll be looking for another alternative to this cereal. If my son likes these, why would I introduce him to a sugary version? If I wanted to do that, I'd switch to their Honey Nut O's.

Sorry to rant about this, but I guess I'm hoping that if enough people are as bummed as I am, they will e-mail Cascadian Farm or join the discussion HERE and ask them to change back to the original formula (wink, wink). Hoping for a miracle here I guess!