Late July | Make 2020 Predictions & Get $5 In Coupons + A Chance To Win A Gift Pack!

This is from the Late July Facebook Page:
We're trading $5 worth of coupons for your predications. I was reading on the Huffington Post today about things that became obsolete over the past decade: dial-up internet, calling, fax machines, newspaper classified ads, cds, catalogs, yellow pages, encyclopedias, and handwritten letters.

The post got me thinking about the next ten years and what life will be like in 2020. I could think of a lot of things I'd like to see disappear over the next 10 years like toxic chemicals in our food supply, but I really want to hear from you!

To get the $5 worth of coupons, all you have to do is tell us one thing you think or hope will be obsolete by 2020 in a comment on our blog or our facebook page, then email an address you'd like us to mail the coupons to. Everyone who enters will get coupons, but our favorite entry will also win our popular Late July Gift Pack worth over $50!

Check back in December of 2019 and we'll see who was right...

 I'm excited to get the coupons, but the gift pack would be awesome!