Vaska | Become A Facebook Fan & Get A FREE Sample!

Update: This may only be for CA & NV. It says to e-mail them your mailing address to to receive your free sample. 

Become a fan of Vaska Herbatergent on Facebook and get a FREE sample (see HERE for where this was posted)! I actually have a sample of this and have not tried it yet, but will do that today and report back :)

This is a natural laundry detergent. Here are the ingredients listed:

* Plant-based surfactants
* Vegetable conditioner
* Water-soluble degreasing agent
* Lavender extract
* Lavender scent (Light Lavender only)
* Filtered water

This is sold at select Sam's Clubs & online at and Amazon (coming soon). My Sam's Club sells it for $17.88 for 100 loads.Which looks like the best deal if you like it.Has anyone tried this? How do you like it?

Thanks SD!