Organic Deals at Safeway, Vons or Pavillions

Whatever store you have in your area, it at least has the same great deal on some organic food. They are having a promotion where if you buy $30.00 worth of qualifying items, you get a $10 oyno coupon. They have over 3,000 items, but of course, not all of them are organic.

Today was my first day trying this and I messed it up, but the Manager helped me a bunch and I got my coupon and will return again to get more. Here is the list of organic/natural foods on the list:

Cascadian Farms
Clif Bars
Green Works
Horizon Organic
Muir Glen
Reynolds Wrap 100% Recycled Aluminum
Tom's of Maine

Not all products qualify, so I found a spreadsheet with the UPC codes. I got the list of all 3000 items from - thank you!

Some of the items were incorectly marked on the shelves, so having the UPC codes is very important. That way you can double check your item to the spreadsheet and know it qualifies. I picked up the wrong milk and my catalina did not print out! The Assistant store Manager gave me an extra one that someone didn't want! That store will definetly get my business!

Some of the best deals are:

Cascadian Farms Frozen Potatoes/Veggies/Fruit (any on list) on sale for around $3.39 or less
Use $1.00 off (1) from 2/22 SmartSource (I bought 20 on e-bay)
or $1.00 off any (2) from Go Organic booklet from Ralph's (still available)

Muir Glen Pizza Sauce/Diced/Puree on sales for as low as $2.05 - $2.50 each
Use $1.00 (1)

Reynold's Wrap $4.49
Use .55 off (1) from 4/19 - coupon should double to = $1.00

Horizon Organic Milk w/DHA $4.29
Use .55 off (1) - coupon should double to = $1.00

Clif Bars (didn't look at the price - sorry, new to this!)
Use $1.00 off (3) from Go Organic booklet from Ralph's (still available)

I didn't do so well on my first try, My pre-coupons total was $35.06 and after coupons, it was $29.02 and I got a $10.00 catalina. Making my total $19.02 for the following:

(3) Cascadian Farms Frozen Potatoes
(1) Horizon Organic Milk
(1) Greenworks Glass Cleaner
(1) Tom's of Maine Children's Toothpaste
(1) Tom's of Maine Deoderant
(2) All Small & Mighty Detergents

I plan to do much better next time with my $10.00 catalina and will post my results... Not TERRIBLE for my first time even couponing is it?