Organic Yuban Coffee at CVS? 4/26 - 5/2

My Long's ad had Organic Yuban on sale for $3.99. Since CVS is taking over Long's, I am hoping CVS will have this same deal. I have never tried this particular coffee, but this is a lot less then what I currently pay, so I may try it. I couldn't find a yuban coupon, so if anyone knows where to get one to sweeten the deal please let me know in the comments section.

Another deal I saw at Long's is 20% off on their natural care. This includes Avalon Organics, Kiss My Face and Alba. I checked CVS online and their price reflected the discount, so it should be valid there. I am going to get the Avalon Organics Lemon hand soap. It works great and smells really good! The price after the discount = $6.39. If you have any unused extra bucks, you might use them on some of these products.

Update 5/1/09: Ok it took me 5 CVS/Longs trips to get this all figured out. CVS took over Long's 7-8 months ago, however they don't carry all of the same products, so the Yuban is only available at Long's. Some CVS store managers will honor the Long's ad prices IF you have the ad with the date on it, so carry your ads, but it's not a guarantee that they will honor it, since they claim this hasn't come down from corporate.

This is quite annoying. If your the same company, get your act together already! What have you been doing for 7 months? I may have to call corporate on this one to see what insight they can give me.

Luckily for CVS, I had the NICEST cashier at the last CVS I went to. She was very thorough and spoke to the manager to get the price matched and gave me a rain check on the metal 3M hooks that are 2 for $5.00 - becoming FREE after the $2.50 off coupon (thanks Deal Mom: for that one.

Happily I went home with my $6.39 Avalon Organic Lemon Soap and a raincheck for 6 hooks. Phew...