Let's Roll... Vons Living Well Deal Part 3!

I decided to get some Cascadian Farms coupons off e-bay since the deal on organics is mostly on that and Muir Glen (which I also bought coupons on e-bay for). Today I got the following:

(2) Cascadian Farms Frozen Peas Bags $3.39 each
(3) Cascadian Farms Frozen Fries (wedge, spud puppies and crinkle fries) $3.39 each
(1) Cascadian Farms Frozen Raspberries (plan on making some yummy homemade raspberry lemonade this summer) $5.29
(1) Horizon Organic Non-Fat Milk Gallon $6.49

By the way, before I give you my totals... if they didn't have this deal with the $10.00 catalina, I would NOT buy my organic food there. It is VERY expensive even on sale.

But, I'll get my freezer stuffed to maximum capacity until May 5th :)

So, my total = $32.12 - where I messed up was trying to find a qualifying 1/2 gallon of milk. That would have made my total $30.12, but they didn't have them on the shelves, so I got the gallon. What I should have done was put back the raspberries and got another veggie, then I could have gotten my total to $30.22. So, don't follow my mistakes, learn from them.

I had (7) $1.00 off Cascadian Farms coupons (from e-bay). I wanted to use my .55 Horizon Organic milk from: http://www.horizonorganic.com/coupons/index.php but I couldn't find the product (arg). Anyway, after my coupons and my $10.00 catalina from my past purchase, I paid $15.12 out of pocket AND I got another $10.00 catalina - YAY!

Next trip will include Muir Glen. Watch for that post soon.