An Exciting New Find!

While looking around the Internet this morning, I stumbled upon a great product line that I am interested in trying out. It is USDA organic cleaning products! They currently have glass, kitchen, all-purpose and bathroom cleaners. They also have laundry detergent and it appears they are working on some wipes (site says updating with a new look).

For more information about these products, check out there website here.

It appears you can purchase these at Lowe's and Whole Foods. I have not tried these, but I am going to. Here's how I'm going to get a "deal" on trying these out.

Go to your post office and pick up a moving kit. Inside is a 10% off coupon to Lowe's. Use that discount to reduce the cost of these products to try them out. Remember to recycle the unused portion of the moving kit or go here to print one yourself and save gas and a tree!

UPDATE: Here are the current prices at the Lowe's in my area!

Kitchen, Bath, Glass & All Purpose Cleaner = $3.27
- 10% (coupon)
=$2.94 - not a bad price at all!