Another Reason to Go Organic...

I didn't really need another reason to go organic, but now I have one. GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms).

A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic, hence they are also known as transgenic organisms. This process may be called either Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM); they are one and the same."

The food you may be eating everyday could have genetically modified ingredients. Would you know? Probably not, because there are no labeling requirements on the product. If you saw a big warning sign on your favorite salad dressing that it contained genetically modified organisms would you buy it? Just food for thought.

The good news is that organic foods cannot contain GMO's! So, now you have one less thing to worry about if you go organic.

To read more about GMO's, and why you should avoid them, go to Organic Valley's site here

And if you can't go 100% organic, at least read this No-GMO guide on how to avoid GMO's in your food.