Ralph's Deal's 6.24.09 - 6.30.09

Organic Russet Potatoes 5 lb. bag $2.99 ea

Organic Cantaloupes 1.29 lb.

Organic Blueberries $3.99 ea.

Shopper's Advantage Deals 6.24.09 - 7.21.09

Naturally Preferred Frozen Vegetables 4 for $5.00

Horizon Organic Milk $5.99

Horizon Organic Single Serve Milk 10 for $10.00
Here is a reason NOT to buy this brand if you are interested, plus am I the only one that thinks it tastes like chalk? I'm sticking with Organic Valley (plus OV gives out waaaaaaaaay more coupons!)

Newman's Own Organic Dog Food 2 for $5.00

Pre Probiotic Enhancer $1.99
Use the coupon at the back of the ad: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
=$1.00 each

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