CVS - Soleo Sunscreen Update!

UPDATE: Sale is over!

I see a lot of people come here via a google search on Soleo sunscreen, so I just wanted everyone to know that the Soleo sunscreen at is SOLD OUT in the 2.6 oz size.

They still have the 1 oz in stock at $9.79. Best deal would be to add 6 to your cart and throw in a cheap lip balm (Alba = $2.44). This would make your total just over the $60.00 mark so that the $10.00 comes of instantly. And you get the free shipping :) - Remember you can use extra care buck online too!

Use your MasterCard to pay so you can get an additional $5.00 off!

I hear that Soleo is changing their sizes which is why this is difficult to get right now, so if you want some, it might be worth it to get the 1 oz size.

You can also look up retailers here.