Stainless Steel Ice Cube Trays 15% Discount Code

Ok, so this isn't organic, but my adventures in organics has also become my adventures in becoming less toxic. We recently installed a reverse osmosis system and love it, but it couldn't be hooked up to the fridge, so I started my hunt for non-plastic ice cube trays.

I found this to be quite difficult, but I finally found some! And, I bet a lot of you will think these look familiar. These are just like the one's from the 50's. I still remember using these as a kid, because they lasted forever and my Mom had them for the longest time.

The Soft Landing is offering a 15% discount on them. Use code: grandmastrays. Code is good until August 22nd.

Also, if you sign up for their e-mails, you have a chance to win a tray for FREE. Go here to check it out.