Host A Healthy Child, Healthy World Party!

"Healthy Child, Healthy World includes of scientists creating solutions, physicians advancing the cause, activists spreading awareness, and parents implementing change to protect children's health. A diverse array of perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise makes for well-rounded and effective advice. Children are our most precious resource and creating a world where they can flourish is the best way to secure a healthy and bright future for us all."

If you like hosting parties and are interested in products that are not toxic to your family or the environment, you may want to sign-up to host a Health Child, Healthy World party. The kit isn't free, but is a tax deductible donation of $20.00.

This is a great way to get the word out to your friends and family without "preaching" to them. The kit will contain materials as well as products samples. Sounds like a great way to throw an educational but fun party!

If this sounds interesting to you, visit Healthy Child, Healthy World for more information.