Sigg Bottles & BPA...

Just a note for any of you who have Sigg bottles. The company has released information stating that it's bottles made/purchased before August of 2008 contain liners with BPA. Go here to figure out if you have an older version. Sigg will replace the bottles with the new one, but you have to pay to ship it back to them.

If you don't know what BPA is, basically it's a chemical that bonds plastic. It is used in metal cans to prevent corrosion and to prevent food from spoiling in the metal container. The problem is, the plastic can leach into the food or beverage.

If a human or animal ingests it, it can act as a hormone disruptor. It is also linked to a ton of other health and development issues. More and more studies are coming out questioning the safety of BPA.

If you have a Sigg bottle, you may be able to return it for a full refund. I believe Whole Foods and other companies will return it and give you a credit towards another water bottle. Please contact the store where you bought it to see what they will do.

Be aware that all aluminum cans are lined with BPA with possibly a few exceptions. To avoid BPA, avoid aluminum cans (soda, tuna, canned vegetables, diced tomatoes, canned fruit... etc) and plastic with the recycling code "7". Look for BPA free on the packaging. Buy water bottles made out of stainless steel (Thermos has some really cute ones).

I'll be on the lookout for deals on SS water bottles... sorry to those who have Sigg and love them. They certainly are cute. Such a bummer.