Whole Foods? Whole Lot Of Coupon Questions!

I've had a few readers who have had problems stacking Whole Foods & Manufacturer coupons, and have seen comments on other sites from people having the same problems. So, let's discuss why it is OK to stack coupons at Whole Foods.

Here is a picture of a Manufacturer's coupon:

Manufacturer coupons always start with a 5. The 5 indicates to the computer that it is a coupon. The next 5 digits (in this case 58449) is the manufacturer's code. All manufacturer coupons will have these 5 digits. The above coupon is for Nature's Path/Envirokids. If you look at a Nature's Path product, you will notice that the same 5 digits are on the product UPC.

The last 5-6 digits are some gobbledygook about what products qualify with that coupon. That part I don't fully understand, by I digress :)

A manufacturer coupon will also have instructions for the store on how to redeem the coupon (with the address where to send it for redemption).

Here is a picture of a Whole Foods coupon:

These are NOT manufacturer coupons. The "coupon" starts with a 0. This is probably why people are reporting that the coupon beeps! It beeps because it doesn't know it's a coupon. It may also beep, because it doesn't know what product to attach itself to, since there is no manufacturer code, again just zeros. And the 73972 6? Well, if you look at the Whole Deal book, it is just a sequential number. The coupon before it is 73971 6 and the one after it is 73973 6.

Also, do you see any redemption address? Nope!

Here is a copy of a Whole Foods receipt where I have stacked coupons:

I used the same coupons as the one's pictured above. Notice how the manufacturer coupon says vendor coupon and the Whole Foods "coupon" is listed as $1.50 off? That's why I keep putting the Whole Foods "coupon" in", because it really acts as a discount, not a coupon.

I have asked corporate if you can stack them and the response I got was:

"We accept all unexpired manufacturer coupons for products we sell & our own coupons. We don't do double coupons (unless otherwise noted)."

"For those two cases, please check the copy on the coupon, as it will vary between coupons. We go by those applicable rules. Thanks."

They also do not have a corporate coupon policy.

I have asked my local Whole Foods and they told me it was fine. He even said "yeah, why not"?

I even know that another blogger (the 918coupon queen)  gives coupon classes in a Whole Foods store that is sponsored by Whole Foods and teaches that the coupons can be stacked!

So, if you are having issues, first let me tell you I feel for you! I still sweat when a coupon beeps or I have to teach a cashier about coupons. It's not fun and some cashiers can be down right nasty! I've read about people even getting detained by security guards for using coupons because the cashier thought they were stealing... luckily I haven't had that happen to me yet.

Nicely ask to speak to a shift leader or manager. Explain what is going on and that you are confident it is ok to stack them. Explain why and see what happens. If you don't have any luck, you can always call the corporate office (512)477-4455. I would do this while you are in the store, so that you can resolve the problem while your there and not hassle with it again. However, even this might not solve the problem. Some people still have problems stacking coupons at Target, but hopefully you won't have any problems.

I hope this has helped a little. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and we can discuss with everyone.