Hurry! FREE Zoya Nail Polish Deal Ends at Midnight PST!

If you haven't gotten your 3 (or more, I've ordered 9 LOL) bottles of nail polish from Zoya, you have until midnight PST. Just pay $6.95 Shipping. Enter code TW5000 at checkout.

When I started my quest to rid toxic stuff from my life, one of the things that was hard to find was natural nail polish. Three common ingredients in nail polish are:

ALL 3 of these ingredients are on California's Prop. 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity! Need I say more?

Zoya doesn't contain any of those ingredients, and got a 2 when I entered them into the cosmetic database! And, I can tell you from personal experience, they work! I ordered some about a month ago and love it. And, just so you know, I get absolutely NOTHING if you order, I'm just a Mom on a mission to keep you all as safe and healthy as I can (with cute toe nails of course) without breaking the bank!

just for fun, if you do order, tell me what colors you got :)