More Co-op Advantage News!

As a follow-up to the Co-Op Advantage post here (thanks to Couponing in Critical Times), I have great news for Co-op Advantage shoppers... they are not just on the East Coast (I thought they were) and new coupon books are coming Sept 7th!

I just found my local co-op and realized that the co-op advantage is all over the US. If you are looking for a participating Co-op in your area, go here to locate one.

Ok, for the coupons...the picture above is the from the Spring coupon books, so look for a different book. These are supposedly coming out September 7th! Although these coupons are manufacturer coupons, it says they are only good at the Co-op Advantage stores.

Have a good Labor Day weekend! Maybe checking out your local co-op is in order :)