groOrganic - Up To 2 FREE Months Of Maintenance!


Remember my post about groOrganic? Well, the have graciously offered up an exclusive discount to Organic Deals & Coupons readers! Get up to 2 FREE months of maintenance! Use code "organic deals". You will be amazed at how much growth you can get in 2 months! And think of the fun you will have harvesting your own fruits and veggies.

You will also love to walk out in your yard to get your fresh food. I just made marinara sauce last night and picked some fresh basil from my garden... it was so nice not to have to go to the store. So fresh and delicious!

Don't forget that groOrganic also supports our troops, offering a 50% discount! Click the banner above or contact them via phone: 888-9-groOrganic or e-mail:!

Happy Harvesting!