This Week's Organic Shopping Trip 1.13.10

I did some pretty major shopping this trip. I didn't shop much over Christmas, so I just grabbed some of the good deals!

Total for everything above was $108.77. This was split between three stores. Henry's, Mother's & Sprout's. At Sprout's I bought the $89.00 gift card and used it to pay for my groceries. They are having that promo until next Wednesday.

I used $39.75 in coupons, so I saved 37% just in coupons. Plus nearly every item I bought was on sale. The only exception to that was milk. I needed that so I paid full price plus a coupon. Not pictured is 3 Organic Harvest pizzas from Albertson's (saved $5.99 in coupons).

I bought those organic candy canes because they were .50 cents! I can't resist a bargain LOL! I think the organic ground turkey was the best deal, after coupons it was $3.23 for each chub.

So, for the 10 days in this year I have already used $62.00 in coupons.

Did you find any great organic deals this week? If so, please leave the link to your blog post below. If you don't have a blog, that's ok, please let us know what you found in the comments!