Big Lots | Lot's Of Organic Deals!

I went to Big Lot's to get a Wii game that they have on sale right now and of course had to check out their organic food selection. I actually found quite a few great deals!

They have Barbara's Organic Flax & Granola cereal for $2.50 (I actually found some expiring in the next few days for .63 cents).

They had 4 packs of Santa Cruz Organic Steazers for $2.00! These just came out not long ago, but I can't find them on their website, so maybe they are discontinuing them? I haven't tried these so I only bought one. They had a lot and they don't expire until February 2011. If you like these, this is at least a 50% savings, so I would stock up. If I like them, I'm going to.

I also saw Organic Udon Noodles for $1.60, Jones Organic Sodas for .70 cents and Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain Bars for $1.50. All with at least a couple months before they expire.

Do check the expiration dates though, because sometimes products get left on the shelf by accident that are expired (this has happened to me a lot with organic).