This Week's Organic Shopping Trip 1.27.10

I didn't do any shopping last week, because it was raining (I know, what a wimp I am)! I just couldn't bare the thought of running around from store to store with a toddler and umbrellas and rain boots... all the people in the snow states are throwing rotten organic eggs at me right now LOL!

But, I digress... when I did finally shop, I did some stockpiling. Not too much, but a little bit. I got quite a few Muir Glen Organic Pasta sauces at the commissary for .99 cents a jar (planning on getting more, but they were running low and I'm not one for clearing shelves.

I also went to Big Lot's with that 20% off coupon and got a ton of Steaz and Santa Cruz Organic drinks. My total at Big Lot's was $24.00 for thirteen 4pks of organic drinks (not shown)!

The top photo was the Military Commissary and I spent $54.51 there ($17.50 in coupons). That was a lot becasue of the meat.

The bottom photo was Henry's & Ralph's. I did really well I think! The total for everything there was $23.80!

  • Cascadian Farm Organic frozen veggies = .50 each ($1.50 on sale, with $1.00 coupons)
  • Cascadian Farm Organic frozen fruit = .50 each ($2.50 on sale, with $2.00 coupons)
  • Explorers Bounty Organic freeze dried fruit = .50 ($1.50 on sale, with $1.00 coupon)
  • Organic Valley Organic Eggs =$2.50 ($3.50 on sale, with $1.00 coupon)
I also bought a random 1/2 gallon of milk since we ran out for $2.99. All in all, my total this week was $102.31... I think this was a GREAT week. I got a lot of items for my money :)

So, how did you all do? Did anyone find any great organic deals this week? If so, please leave the link to your blog post below. If you don't have a blog, that's ok, please let us know what you found in the comments!