Introducing - EcoCoupons!

There is a new coupon site in town and it hopes to change the way people use coupons. EcoCoupons allows you to load local coupons to your cell phone (similar to Cellfire) or print them out individually.

Their hope is to save paper by reducing or eliminating printed circulars that have the coupons in them and having people print only the coupons they'll actually use.

This is a fairly new site, so it will take a while to get nationwide and have stores participate. So far Santa Cruz California (where the company started and is based) has the most coupons. Some of the cities I searched didn't have any yet (including mine), but hopefully exposure will bring more coupons.

These type of local company coupons can have a huge impact on saving money at your store. You can stack store coupons (such as $10.00 off your $50.00 purchase at Whole Foods - that's just an example) with regular manufacturer coupons to save more!

I'll add this site to my coupon bar and please let us know if you have any coupons in your area. Just enter your zip code on the site to see.

Thanks to Vegan Coupons (I saw this co as a favorite on their Facebook page)