Swagbucks + Alice.com = FREE Organic Stuff!

Another Update: Just got my Alice gift card and added it to my account. I assume since this was my 1st order, that is why the card was accepted.

Important Update: The $5.00 Gift Certificate from Swagbucks is for NEW account holders only. I thought it worked like the Amazon cards, but it doesn't. If you have an existing account, you can not use the GC. So, if you want the $5.00, DON'T SIGN-UP yet. Cash-in your swagbucks for the $5.00 and once it credits your swagbucks account, then sign-up for Alice.com and use the GC. - Thank you so much Courtney!

I just noticed that Swagbucks has added Alice.com in their Gift Certificates. For 20 swagbucks, you can get a $5.00 online gift card. You also get a $10.00 sign-up bonus from Alice, just for signing up once you spend $50.00! That will get you a couple free organic items :)

I recently signed up for an Alice account, but have not used it yet. If they start getting more organic options, I could see this being a great deal. They are an online site that sells food, health & beauty products. They offer online coupons and are starting to get more organic options. The best part... FREE shipping! Everything ships free, no matter how much you spend.

Their search is a little off. I searched "organic" and plastic bags came up as a search result, so hopefully they'll fix that LOL.

I'll keep looking at it and post any great deals I see on it. If you see any, let us know :)