Yummy Earth Lollipops Review & Giveaway!

Yummy Earth is a great alternative to conventional Halloween candy this year. These are perfect to hand out at Halloween, just without the scary ingredients! I originally bought them last year to give out and now buy them for friends and family as gifts as well as keeping some on hand for special occasions (although it is hard to keep them around for long since my hubby likes to eat them. I am constantly finding the wrappers in drawers in the car and nightstands LOL).

I have even hooked my mother-in-law who does not eat organically on these. Every time she visits she eats some, so for her birthday this year, she got the container from Amazon and she was super excited about it too.

These are awesome! They do not have artificial colors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, no genetically modified ingredients and are organic.

Beside all of that they are THE best tasting lollipops I’ve ever had, and everyone in my house agrees. If I can get my mother-in-law hooked, anyone would love these. My husband says his favorite is the apple flavored one.

Where Can I Get Them?
Amazon: Right now you can get these on Amazon for as low as $8.78 for a container of 125 lollipops. They have a special discount code for the month of October. Enter SEPYUMMY and save an extra 20%. Also, use subscribe & save and save an additional 15%, making them only $8.78 shipped (free shipping is part of the the subscribe & save).

The Natural Candy Store: You can also get them at The Natural Candy Store for $12.73 for 2lbs. Don’t forget to sign up for their referral program, and get a $5 credit when one of your friends makes a purchase. If you can get enough credits, you can possible get these for free!

Whole Foods, Sprouts and More: You can snag these at your local health food stores. I found them at Whole Foods & Sprouts recently, but I'm sure most organic grocery stores will carry them as well.