$20 Of Healing Tree Naturals For Only $10!

Healing Tree Naturals

Today on Mamapedia, you can get $20 worth of All-Natural Skin and Beauty Products at Healing Tree for just $10!

I got these products back when they were on Jasmere and absolutely LOVE them! Their First Aid spray works great, and did not sting at all. I used in on my little one and his cousins and none of them have complained that it stung, and it actually feels good!

They have a ton of products to choose from, I’ve only tried the 1st Aid Spray and Healing Cream, and would recommend both.

Here are the ingredients in the First Aid Spray: Water, polysorbate 20 (kosher grade emulsifier), pharmaceutical grade Australian Tea Tree oil, myrrh, comfrey, goldenseal, aloe vera.