Equal Exchange Review & Giveaway!

As you may know, I have a deep obsession love of coffee. I was asked to review the Equal Exchange Gift Basket and of course I said yes (there's coffee in there after all)!

I actually purchased two gift baskets from Equal Exchange last year to give as gifts. Both recipients loved them and had nothing but great things to say about them. The basket I am reviewing comes with organic French Roast coffee, organic earl gray tea and organic gingersnap cookies.

Unfortunately, my hubby took the gingersnap cookies and ate them all for himself. He said they were really good and wants me to buy them again. Thanks honey (insert eye roll here). They looked awesome, they were huge (plenty for hubby to share with me) and looked chewy and delicious.

Black tea is my favorite. I like to drink it with a shot of milk and honey or sugar. The tea was nice and smooth and had the coolest tea bags. They did not break like the paper tea bags, which is awesome. I enlisted the help of my Dad to try this one as well. He said he really enjoyed it and was surprised because most tea is (in his words) just blah LOL. He said there was a unique smoothness to this tea, and he couldn’t explain it, he just really enjoyed it.

And of course, the coffee! If you know coffee, you know French Roast is a strong roast. It has a very powerful taste and really gets your day started. This was absolutely wonderful! I added more water then I do for non-French roast, since I like mine a little less strong (unless it’s in a macchiato or something, then it is so much better full strength)! I loved it with half & half and sugar. I would definitely buy this again, and give it to the coffee connoisseur as a gift!

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*No compensation was given to me for this review, however as a wonderful perk as a blogger, the product was given to me to review. All opinions are my own or those of my family members that I ask to help me review (lucky them). I am an affiliate of Equal Exchange as well, and if you order the baskets through my link, I will make a commission. Thank you to Mambo Sprouts for this review opportunity!