People Towels On The Foundary!

peoples towels People Towels are on The Foundary today!

You can snag a set of 6 100% organic fair trade cotton hand towels for $30. This isn’t a great discount off the regular price, but you can turn it into a better deal by inviting your friend to The Foundary. Here’s how:

For every friend you invite (up to 50) that creates an account, you get a $1 credit. They don’t have to purchase, they just have to create and account. Get 50 friends to sign up, get $50!

If your friend does decide to make a purchase, you will get an additional $20 credit in your account and an additional $1 in credits when that friend buys again.

You will want to hurry and sign up and invite friends, because starting tomorrow (the 19th), the maximum sign up credits you can receive will change to 10. Don’t miss out on extra $40 you can get if you invite friends today!