Black Friday Deals Start At Midnight!

The bonanza of Black Friday deals starts soon! I have gone out and stood in the cold, freezing and holding my eye balls open with toothpicks, with two cups of coffee in each hand every year!

Not this year though. I'm taking a break from that madness and either shopping online or buying different gifts this year that do not require me doing that to get a good deal. 

I will be posting as many Black Friday online deals that I can (before I need those toothpicks for my eyes again). Most of them start at midnight Pacific Standard Time. 

Keep checking back or "like" Organic Deals on Facebook to see the deals and if you find any that you think are great, please share!

To all you brave folks headed out early or are already out there, may the force be with you! If you are looking for a list of store hours, head over to Faithful Provisions! Kelly has a list of store hours organized on her site.