$3 Coupon For LED Christmas Lights!

Save $3/1 GE LED Christmas lights (on page 2). GE LED's are available at Lowe's and Kmart, and possibly more retailers this year. I got a bunch of these last year for a great price!

Reasons To Consider LED Lights:

  • They save you money! They only use 2-10 watts of electricity.
  • They last longer then regular lights and don't break as easily (again, saving you money).
  • They produce less heat, which reduces the risk for fires caused by lights.
  • They do not use Mercury in the making of them unlike CFL bulbs.
  • You don't have to dispose of them as hazardous waste unlike CFL bulbs.

All those reasons sound good to me. Don't throw your old lights in the trash, instead consider recycling them. Places to go to get info on recycling:

Thanks, Penny Pinchin Mom!