SOLD OUT - Box Top Creations Only $5 Shipped!


Update: New sign ups to Gaggle get a $10 credit in their account, making this deal as low as only $5 (thanks, Heather!)

Anyone seen that commercial where the Grandpa calls asking how his Grandson likes the present he got him and the kid is playing with the cardboard box it came in? That cracks me up , because it is so true! 

So why not just get the kids a cool cardboard box like the one above!

Today on Gaggle Of Chicks, they are offering a coupon code that makes these only $15 (down from $39.99)!

You will be ordering from Box Creations with the special coupon code that Gaggle Of Chicks provides you. They say they use recycled materials and provide markers for you to color with as well. I love these because you can color, draw, paint, or glue anything you want to them! Maybe I'll order one for myself as well to blog in LOL.