Win A Gift Pack Of Organic Valley Products From Zweber Farms!

Zweber Farms is happy to be celebrating 2 years of being part of Organic Valley, so they are offering a giveaway on their blog.

The giveaway includes: An Organic Valley tote bag, an Organic Valley baseball cap and an Organic Valley bandanna. They are also going to stuff the bag full of coupons! If the winner lives in their area (MN), they will be able to take a personal tour of the farm and meet the cows that produce the milk.

To win, tell them in 50 words of less why you love Organic Valley Family of Farms products. The winning entry will be based on creativity and dedication to the product.

Please send your entries to The giveaway ends tomorrow, so get your entries in quickly! Get more information from their blog.

Now I have to figure out how to tell them why I love them in less than 50 words LOL.

Thanks Five Finger Discounts!