Create A Healthy Kids Lunch | Win A $50.00 Whole Foods Gift Card!

I know I have some VERY creative lunch makers out there, so I expect you to enter! Make a healthy school lunch and snap a picture of it (hey, some of you do this everyday (wink, wink) and win a $50.00 Whole Foods Gift Card fro

Here are the entry requirements:

  • Ingredients must total $5 or less.
  • It must be a balanced meal and contain a protein, a fruit/vegetable, a grain and a dairy or dairy substitute.
  • It needn't include meat, but it can; organic and sustainable ingredients are encouraged.
  • It must be something that a kid might actually eat.
  • Include a menu and a brief description about why your lunch is great.
You can get official entry details HERE.

Good luck! If anyone wants to share their entries, please do. I would love some healthy kids lunch ideas!!!