Babies-R-Us Deals 2.26.10 - 3.4.10

Isn't it amazing all of the organic deals you can get a t Babies-R-Us & Toys-R-us? Never would have thought! Don't forget to print these coupons and these coupons.

25% off ALL clearance cleaning items is available again! Look for Seventh Generation, Method, BabyGanics and Dapple.

Here are some deals that I saw at my location.

Seventh Generation Toilet Cleaner $3.98
-$1.00 (25% off)
-$1.00 off any HERE or HERE

Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach $3.98
-$1.00 (25% off)

-$1.00 off any HERE or HERE

25% off ALL clearance snack items is back too! Bring your coupons! Look for Cascadian Farms, Kashi Organic Cereal, Clif Bars and more and combine your coupons to score great deals. Here are some of the deals at my location.

Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit Spread $.98
-.25 (25%)
-$1.00 off any (1) HERE (new registrants only) or HERE
=FREE - $.73

EnviroKids Organic Frosted Flakes (single serving) $.48
-.12 (25% off)

EnviroKids Organic Gorilla Munch $2.98
-.73 (25% off)

Earth's Best Chlorine Free Diapers $10.00 (must buy 2 for offer)
-$1.50 off any (1) HERE
* these are not organic, but better for babies skin without the chlorine. They are not my favorites however, since I found them to be very stiff.

Get a free pack of Earth’s Best wipes when you buy ANY 100 oz. Earth’s Best detergent

Save $5.00 on any Seventh Generation purchase of $30 or more.
Ok, not sure if this will work, but if you can find $30.00 worth of 7th Generation on clearance, you could probably get the $5.00 off as well! It should be before the 25% off coupon, because that is taken at the end of the transaction. I can't guarantee this, because I haven't tried it yet. Let us know if you try that and if you had success!

Happy Baby Organic Puffs & HappyMelts $2.67 (must by 3 for offer)

Honest Kids Juice 8 pks $3.33
-$.75 off any (1) HERE (need Annie's product UPC) or HERE