Review | Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey!

Are you already Krazy Coupon Lady? Heather and Joanie, authors of the The Krazy Coupon Lady website have written a book to help you save money at the checkout. Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey will help you learn to use coupons, catalinas, register rewards, rebates and more to save you a ton of money, time and stress!

Heather & Joanie do a great job of breaking down all of the coupon lingo and how to master each of the stores.

What does an organic shopper get from the book? Well, all of the lessons in their book I have applied to get great deals on organic food myself. I did this catalina deal at Albertson's back in August. I got 28 boxes of organic cereal for $23.00 (.82 cents each)! If I didn't know how to use coupons with catalina deals, I would not have been able to do this. this book will teach you how to do it too!

The book is filled with invaluable information about couponing, stockpiling, ethical couponing, the anatomy of a coupon and more. If you don't know much about couponing or just want to learn more, I highly recommend checking out their book, it will help you master the art of being a krazy organic coupon lady like myself!

Disclaimer: Heather & Joanie provided me with a free book to review.