Way Too Much Fun At Babies-R-Us!

I went to Babies-R-Us to see what deals I could find from my deals post and had WAY too much fun there!

The clearance food was completely wiped out, but I was able to get the Happy Baby Organic food items for $1.89 each, which is pretty good. We had not tried the yogurt melts, and they are seriously yummy! Even my husband was raving about them and told me I could put them in his lunches for work LOL.

I bought 19 Seventh Generation Products. I only bought the items that were on clearance and I made sure that I bought them in groups of $30.00, so I could get the $5.00 off promo as well as the 25% coupon. The Seventh Generation Tampons were $2.15 after discounts & coupons.

I also used the $2.00 off any (2) Seventh Generation Products coupon in the Mambo Sprouts Extreme Winter Coupon book. Plus, I received a $10/$50 total purchase coupon in the mail as well and I used that 1st. PLUS, they have a BabyGanics sale, B1G1 50% off (25% off each). This is working on clearance items!!!

Total before all coupons and discounts was $131.38, after was $69.20 ($8.20 of which was tax!)

Now, here is the trick to reading your receipt at Toys-R-Us & Babies-R-Us. They put the total saved at the bottom of the receipt, however, that total saved does not include manufacturer coupons! So, you have to add your manufacturer coupon amounts to that number to see how much you actually saved.

More tips to make the clearance deals even better:

  • If you buy BabyGanics clearance products to get the B1G1 50% off, buy 2 items that are the same price, because the 50% will come off of the lowest priced item.
  • If you buy Seventh Generation clearance products, buy them in multiples of $30.00 (or as close to $30) so you can maximize the $5/$30 promotion.
  • Use manufacturer coupons on top of the promos & clearance store coupons to maximize your savings.
That was a really fun shopping trip and I had the nicest cashier, who was very patient and accurate with my coupons!