Kmart | $10 Off $20 In-Store Coupon

Update: Coupon is no longer available

Kmart has a $10/$20 purchase coupon available on their site. I don't know if it is just my location, but they have zero organic food and not very many natural products. So, I am thinking that since my Walmart takes competitor coupons, I can use this there.

My Walmart doesn't have a great selection of organic items, but this varies by state and some locations have quite a bit of items! This coupon saves you 50% off, so it is worth a try.

Please check with your local Walmart, since not all stores will take competitor coupons. Their official coupon policy is on their site here.

Also, for all of you lucky Publix shoppers, if your location takes competitor coupons, they may take this as well. Please be sure to ask before you get to the checkout stand :)

Thanks, SD!