Garden Alive Deals On Organic Gardening Supplies!

$20 off $40

Sign-up for a FREE Gardens Alive Catalog and you might get a coupon for either $25 off any order or $25 off a $50 order! To sign up, look on the bottom left of the page.

They are also offering $20 off your $40 purchase, no coupon code required, just go to their site and you will see it on the top right side.

They offer a ton of organic items for your garden as well as tools and accessories. They also sell lady bugs, which we love here! My 3 year old loves releasing the ladybugs in our garden.

One tip on the lady bugs is to release them when it gets dark and is colder and mist your plants just before you do. We also stick them in the fridge for 30 minutes before releasing them, which slows them down and helps keep them in your yard and not the neighbors. I literally saw one tiny ladybug eat over 100 bugs we had on our corn last year in under a minute! It was really neat to watch.

Thank you The Thrifty Mama!