Sambazon | Coupon On Surf Wax!

Living in Southern California, I've seen my fair share of surf wax! I never guessed it could be full of petrochemicals, paraffin's and other chemicals, that's gnarly dude (ok, sorry, I had to say it).

Rob Machado & Bubble Gum surf Wax now make an "organic" surf wax. I don't know if it's truly organic, because I couldn't find the ingredients, but I am assuming it's a natural surf wax, rather then organic (meaning it cannot bear the USDA organic symbol).

Anyhow, if I have any surfers reading this blog (what are the odds), or maybe you just know one, let them know that they can get a coupon for $1/2 Sambazon Juices or Energy Drinks with every bar of wax they purchase.

And, for the non surfers, there are online coupons available for Sambazon products online:

  • $5/1 Sambazon Energy Drinks (24 pk) - use code: machadoenergy
  • $10/1 Sambazon Smoothie Pack (28 pk) - use code: machadosmoothipack28
  • $20/1 Sambazon Smoothie Pack (76 pk) - use code: machadosmoothipack76
  • $7/1 Sambazon Acai Power Packs - use code: machadopowerpaks
  • $5/1 acai Powerscoop - use code: machadopowersoop
Get the details on their site here.

Now if they can just figure out an alternative to the toxic neoprene wet suits and polystyrene foam boards, we'd be making surfing a healthier sport - who would have thought surfing was so potentially harmful to your health!