Book Closeouts | Food To Live By Only $5.49 + More!

There are a ton of organic cook books & other organic books from Book Closeouts at really great prices!

Search "organic" and you will get a whole bunch of book listings including The Happy Baby Book for $7.99 (this book should include coupons including a FREE product coupon for Happy Baby), Food To live By for only $5.49; by the founder of Earthbound Farm and more!

If you order $35 or more, you can also get $5/$35 by using coupon number: courage & password: at checkout.

There are several listings for the Food To Live By book, the $5.49 is "scratch & dent", so it won't be in perfect condition (which is ok by me if I am ordering it for myself).

All of the other books will have a black mark on them to ensure they won't be returned as new. See how they determine this here.

Thanks She Saved for finding this!