Did Someone Say Organic Chocolate Is On Sale?

Whoa - I think Amazon over ordered organic chocolate bars for Easter and is now dumping them, because there is a ton of organic chocolate on sale on Amazon! Green & Blacks, Chocolove, Vivani Organic, Theo, Sjaak's, Newman's own + more!

This is actually great, because Mother's Day is May 9th, so if you are thinking about getting Mom chocolate, this is the time!

Most ship free with orders over $25. Thanks to Swagbucks, I'll be treating myself to some FREE chocolate bars! I never realized how much I search the internet until I joined - a lot LOL.

So what are some of the prices? An organic chocolate bar typically runs between $3-$5 a bar if it's not on sale.

Green & Blacks $2.08 a bar (not great)
Chocolove $1.52 a bar (my Mom claims this is better then Green & Blacks, but I'm not convinced, guess I better order some and find out).
Vivani Organic $1.66 a bar
Newman's Own Organic $1.70 a bar (larger size), $1.38 a bar (smaller size)
Theo $1.77 a bar
What's your favorite organic chocolate brand?

Thanks SD!