Mambo Sprouts | Gluten Free Choices Coupon!

I posted about the Gluten Free Choices coupon way back in November of last year and now that same coupon is available through Mambo Sprouts!

Now, here is where it gets interesting. The coupon states $1 off your choice of over 200 gluten free products. If this coupon beeps, good luck trying to convince the cashier to take it, because how do you prove it qualifies?

You can get the list of products on the Gluten Free Choices website, so that you will know, but you may have problems with this coupon unfortunately, which is a bummer, because they really wanted to make it easy to save on their gluten free products.

This coupon also has an expiration date of 12/31/10, so you have a lot of time to wait for items to go on sale and match them up to this coupon.