Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! Guess where I got to go for Mother's Day? Earthbound Farm's Farm Stand in Carmel! We took a road trip from Southern California and have been vacationing in Monterey.

It is kind of cold here today, but we went over for a little bit to check it out and got some yummy organic fruit and organic smoothies. Here are some pictures I took of it.

This is the sign for the farm stand:

This is there farm stand where you can get their fabulous produce, their cookbook, great dried fruit and some yummy granola. They had a sample of their coconut granola and boy was it good!

A welcome sign:

A picture of their Earthbound Farm truck:

The area is so green and gorgeous. If you ever head to Monterey for vacation, be sure to stop by and check out the farm stand. They do farm tours starting in July and said they do factory tours if you call way in advance. You can get more info on their website.

It was cool to see where the produce I buy everyday comes from and of course, I picked up some coupons, oh and they take their own coupons too - love it!