Yoreganics Soap Nuts Winner + Pictures!

Congratulations to the Yoreganics Soap Nuts winner, number #77 - Jenb!

“Thanks for the review. I'd love to try the soap nuts and the stain remover, both seem like great alternatives.”

Jen, please email me, your profile didn’t have your email public. organicdeals at gmail dot com - congratulations again!

I also wanted to show you some of the photos I took while using them, so you get a better picture of how they work, because I really think they are awesome!

This is what the soap nuts look like outside of their bag. When you hold them in your hands you can kind of feel the soap. You keep them in the bag to avoid having to dig all over the bottom of your washer for them at the end of the cycle.


This is what the water looked like when I threw them in and let the agitator agitate them for a few seconds. The suds produced reminded me of soda fizz. It was not very sudsy, but you could see it did suds a little.


As you can see in the next picture, they were working! As evidenced by the dirty water. Sorry to show you all my dirty laundry LOL, but a picture is worth a thousand words :)


I can’t think of a less non-toxic way to clean your laundry. I love that they are organic and don’t have any ingredients to worry about. I would feel completely safe washing my babies clothes in them, so if you have been thinking about trying them, I would. I am hooked on them for sure!